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Winter camping in Saskatchewan with Sundog Sled Excursions

Earlier this month I returned to one of my favourite places in the province ~ the Waskesiu region. During my time there, I stayed at Elkridge (you may have read my post about that here) for a few days and then reconvened with my friend Brad Muir, owner of Sundog Sled Excursions.

I had visited Brad last year for a nature trek where we scoured Prince Albert National Park’s boreal forest in search of wildlife. While we did follow fresh wolf tracks for nearly two hours, they ended up eluding us. During that visit I was also fortunate to go on a brief but exhilarating sled dog run.

wolf tracks in PANP park

Fresh snow on the road is a great thing when trekking for wildlife.

This year however, I was game for more and wanted to explore winter a new way – by camping outdoors. I wrote a recent piece for Vacay about my winter camping experience with Brad and Sundogs which goes into detail about what we did and what it was like (by the way it ended up being -39 Celsius while we slept outside!).

I also created the video below to give you a visual sense of the beauty of winter in Northern Saskatchewan.

So what do you think? Would you try winter camping?

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