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A new queen for the Queen City

The climate in Regina is ripe for entrepreneurship these days. Start-ups are appearing in all shapes, forms and industries, and it seems as though it is just the right time for young entrepreneurs to be taking the risk on a new venture.

Enter local Reginan, Fallon Mazurkewich. Today Mazurkewich launched a website announcing her new store which will soon have a physical presence in Regina, and is to be located in the historic Warehouse District at #101 – 1118 Broad Street.

Taking advantage of her marketing background and creative abilities, Fallon, a familiar face to the arts and culture circles in Regina is debuting her passion for fashion and taking things to a new level. Her store, Queen V Fashion House will be carrying an eclectic mix of global brands including: One Teaspoon (Australia), Somedays Lovin (Australia), House of Harlow (United States), For Love & Lemons (United States), Juliette Has a Gun (France) and Club Manhattan (Holland) to name a few.

Fallon is seeking to offer diversity in the brands that are carried in Regina and a more fashion forward style. While the store is set to open sometime in August, Fallon “wants people to feel emotionally engaged by the store and the shopping experience.”

Regina has certainly seen its fair share of the talent that abounds in the fashion and retail industry as of late. With the emergence of new storefronts offering diverse shopping experiences and the inaugural Saskatchewan Fashion Week recently taking place, it is easy to see that there is a lot to be offered by locals in this industry.

It’s safe to say the people of Regina are welcoming the diversity that is occurring in the retail industry in Regina. As well, it is great to see local entrepreneurs and their brands like Hillberg and Berk, and 22Fresh for example, flourish outside of Regina and compete within a global market.

There is so much creative talent in this town and the appreciation along with the recognition seems to be experiencing its own sort of boom, which is all sorts of wonderful and well deserved!

Join me on congratulating Fallon on this new adventure and be sure to check out the Queen V Fashion House when it opens in August 2012.

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