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Birdyful adventures ~ Spring & Summer in Saskatchewan Updated*

Welcome to my new post on bird sightings from the spring and summer time here in Saskatchewan. Most of these sightings have taken place en route to or at our family cabin. Our cabin is located on the north end of Buffalo Pound Lake at Valley Veiw resort.

I am truly amazed at the amount of bird variety that one can experience right here in Saskatchewan! There are a whole slew of birds that I have seen for the first time and many of them visite many times in a single weekend.

I have quickly fallen in love with cedar wax wings and least fly catchers as they have amazingly smooth and striking characteristics, chickadees as they are just so cute and fluffy, western and eastern king birds because they are so feisty, and Baltimore orioles for their brilliant colours. If my husband has his way, I will soon be a duck lover too.

I will note first time views with ‘*’ and birds that visit often with ‘**’. I will update this post each time we visit! Also, I will try to post pics from each time in a corresponding gallery. Forgive the quality though as I really need a much better zoom.

The birds that are featured below are new ones that I spotted this past weekend. I have seen a few of them before but not out at the cabin.

June 16/17 *new bird sightings 

  1. Hairy woodpecker male*
  2. American Wigeon*
  3. American Coot*
  4. Brewers Blackbird – female*
  5. Brown Headed Cow bird*
  6. Horned Grebe*
  7. Sharp Shinned Hawk*
  8. Western Wood Pewee* – not 100% on this one.

Bird Sightings:

Weekend of June 9

  1. Ruddy Duck *
  2. House Sparrows **
  3. Gold finches  **
  4. Chickadees **
  5. Robins **
  6. Cedar wax wings ** (What fabulous birds!!)
  7. Ruby Throated hummingbird – */**
  8. Purple martins **
  9. Western king birds **
  10. Grackles **
  11. Mourning doves
  12. Tree Swallows **
  13. Barn Swallows**
  14. Wrens **
  15. Eastern king birds **
  16. Baltimore Oriole (2/3/ times) (I wasn’t at the cabin last weekend, but apparently there were a lot of b.o. sightings and the occasional Orchard Oriole sighting)
  17. Least flycatcher **
  18. Downy woodpecker
  19. Bluebird
  20. Many different gulls ** (on beach) – Without my birdbook there it is way too hard for me to differentiate the gulls yet.
  21. Red wing blackbird
  22. Avocet
  23. Pelican

Weekend of May 19

  1. Baltimore Oriole **
  2. Goldfinch  **
  3. Robin  **
  4. Purple Martins  **
  5. Tree swallows  **
  6. Barn swallows  **
  7. Wrens  **
  8. Red head duck *
  9. Canvas back duck *
  10. Swainson hawk
  11. Northern Harrier*
  12. Pelican
  13. Gulls  **
  14. Canadian geese  **
  15. Eastern king bird  **
  16. Western king bird  **
  17. Red wing blackbird  **
  18. Raven  **
  19. Grackle  **
  20. Black bird  **
  21. Killdeer
  22. Mourning doves
  23. Crow Pintail duck *
  24. Yellow eyed blackbird
  25. Shore birds  **
  26. Mallard  **
  27. Coot
  28. Northern shoveller *
  29. Pipit *
  30. Green wing teal
  31. Yellow headed blackbird
  32. Avocet
  33. Magpie
  34. Meadowlark Yellow
  35. Unidentified Warbler

And, finally here are some good reference sites for new birders like me –

2 thoughts on “Birdyful adventures ~ Spring & Summer in Saskatchewan Updated*
  1. Cecelia Knowles on said:

    Jennifer – it would be great if you labeled the photos with the bird names – I’m trying to learn, but I only know a few – chickadees, hummingbirds, pelicans, ducks, of course.

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