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Our little neighbourhood featured

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The Thursday supplement of QC which is found in our local Leader-Post newspaper ran a little feature on our neighbourhood. I think I may be a much stronger interviewer than interviewee, but none the less it was fun! Thanks @QCRegina!

Five years ago, Jenn Nelson and her husband Stephen moved from Coronation Park to Lakeridge. They’d spent years looking in Lakeview and The Crescents, for location and the charm of the old homes. But, “After years of going in old houses and being disheartened over and over again at either the amount of work or the prices they were asking, we just decided to have a peek at a house in Lakeridge,” said Jenn. It worked out well — they bought that house and now live there with their two sons Finnigan and Zevin.

Q: Aside from the house, what made you want to live in Lakeridge?

A: Lakeridge is expanding every day, but the actual area that our house is located in is the mature area in Lakeridge. There’s actual mature trees and a really crescent-y type feel, but what actually drew us to the neighbourhood was down the block there’s a chain of parks that lead to little lakes and just tons of walking paths, just right outside our doorstep. We go walking every night and it’s just such a family-friendly neighbourhood. There’s a ton of kids in our neighbourhood; every house beside us has kids. Our daycare is across the street. It’s really convenient and really easy.It’s beautiful, it’s very well kept, very cozy and I almost feel like we live on Wisteria Lane sometimes because people actually care about the other neighbours and we go outside and we talk and we have relationships, so it’s very tight-knit.

Q: Is there anything you dislike about the neighbourhood?

A: The only thing that we dislike about the neighbourhood is the traffic on our street in particular. It is a busy road because it’s right by Winston Knoll, so it’s one road in and the high school students like to whiz around our corner and we live on a curve, so we aren’t very fond of letting our kids play out in the street. It’s honestly the only real drawback we’ve experienced.

Q: How have you seen Lakeridge change in the past few years?

A: When we moved there, there were no houses in and around Superstore, so there was no new Lakeridge construction. It was just starting. A person I worked with was the first person to buy a house out there. His lone house stood out there for months and months and months and then everything just started building around it. So the area has drastically, drastically evolved to include multiple different types of housing, retail, new car lots. There’s tremendous economic growth in the north end, and what that’s given us is just access to even more amenities that we would have had to drive out to the east or south ends for.

Q: Is there any change you’d like to see?

A: I think they’ll figure it out sooner than later, but as our city continues to grow, traffic times become more of a problem so the north end of the city in the Pasqua Gate area is pretty congested; it’s very like the east end of the city, but I think it’s a matter of time. We’re just going to have to catch up to having more people living here and having more cars on the road.I think because the area is seeing such tremendous growth in families residing there, a more centralized school for those families in Lakeridge itself would be wonderful. Our children are in French Immersion and we couldn’t even go to Mironuck last year because the school’s too full, so they opened up Centennial, so our kids are having to be bused wherever they go. It’s really far, and I don’t understand how they’re going to keep up with the demand as our area does keep attracting more and more families. I would love for our kids to be able to walk to school instead of having to be bused all over. But I don’t know that they’re going to build a school; they keep tearing schools down. A super-school! Build in our area; that’d be awesome.

Q: How would you like the rest of Regina to perceive Lakeridge?

A: I was never a north-ender as a child and there’s this stigma of the north, people just don’t seem to understand that we don’t have moustaches and drive Trans-Ams.I used to work for RROC (Regina Regional Opportunities Commission) so I have a pretty good understanding of what people think of each area of the city and I think for the most part Lakeridge has a pretty good perception but people still think it’s pretty far out, so far northwest. It’s really not. I find it a lot warmer than some of the new building in the east and cookie-cutter houses going up, but we have that too, so I can’t say we don’t.

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By ASHLEY MARTIN, Leader-Post May 23, 2012

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