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Falling in love with my fifth Fairmont Dog, Stanley

It happens at least once a year, sometimes twice – I add another Fairmont Canine Ambassador to my (love) list. It all started with Monte as you may know already. It has become a part of getting away that I look forward too – meeting another special dog while on the road. My mission is to meet them ALL! So who’s the pup this time?

Stanley of the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge!

Stanley Fairmont Jasper park lodge 5

Forget the doghouse in the corner, Stanley prefers this window seat. Can you blame him?

I finally met Stanley last month after two years of anticipation! Let me just say, this dog is certainly living the dream at the Fairmont JPL. He has a great space to call his home and an incredible view complete with a couch to laze and daydream the day away.

Stanley Fairmont Jasper park lodge 4

It’s hard work being a canine ambassador but somedog’s gotta do it.

Here are a few facts about Stanley

~ He is a three year old black lab.

~ He was trained in Manotick, Ontario at The Canadian Guide Dogs for the blind with the hope he would make the cut. But his genuine love for people and his friendly demeanor revealed he was better suited for ambassador work.

Me and Stanley Fairmont Jasper park lodge

Not the biggest snuggler of the canine ambassador’s I’ve met so far – Stanley can actually be a bit shy – but he is super friendly. I did manage to get a kiss from him after all.

~ He arrived at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in 2013.

Stanley Fairmont Jasper park lodge 2

Stanley grew a bit tired of the paparazzi shots. (Sorry Stanley!)

~ He gets to meet other dogs often! JPL is a super dog friendly property (as are Fairmont properties in general – check out Dog Days of May!).

~ He has the best view from his ‘lobby living room’.

Stanley Fairmont Jasper park lodge 1

Arguably, with a view like this once can say that this dog has it made! And it suits him, don’t you think?

Miss your furried friend while vacationing? Consider heading to a Fairmont property. Learn more about the Fairmont Canine Ambassador program here and where you can find properties with ambassadors.

Get to know all the other dogs I have met – Monte, Mavis and Beau and Edie too!

Know a Fairmont dog I just have to meet? Let me know!

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