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Happiness and hot spots: a guide to exploring Manitoba and Saskatchewan

You may have already heard the news, it’s finally here – 110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan!

Co-authored by yours truly, alongside the brilliant, Doug O’Neill, friend, colleague and travel writer extraordinaire, we created this lovely book backed by Firefly Publishing! A true labour of love (lots of labour last year, lots of love this year), this book celebrates nature, conservation and the incredibly diverse wild spots found in both provinces.

As much work as it was writing the Saskatchewan portion of this book, now comes time to promote it, so I thought at the very least I should probably mention it here on my blog. I will also be doing a launch in Saskatoon at McNally’s Robinson on May 26, at 2 p.m., for those who want to come out!

So what does this book cover? Who should buy 110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan?

  • Nature lovers
  • Hikers, bikers, paddlers
  • Fishing enthusiasts
  • Fans of wildlife
  • Bird watchers
  • Plant worshippers
  • Campers
  • Explorers
  • Travelers
  • Those seeking to learn more about lesser known hot spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan!

Without giving too much away, this book is full of information that will allow travellers to further explore what we consider to be, two of the most underrated provinces. There are things that will surprise you – guaranteed! We really wanted to write this book to encourage people in the provinces and visitors alike, to get off the #1 – there is so much beyond the beautiful fields of crops that many associate with the Prairies.

Did you know for example:

  • Saskatchewan has multiple sets of active sand dunes, including the world’s most northerly (and Canada’s largest)?
  • That you can kayak with beluga whales in Churchill?
  • Interesting species such as scorpions, wolverines and flying squirrels can be found in Saskatchewan?
  • Manitoba is home to the world’s largest gathering of snakes?

These are just a few fun facts. But don’t just take my word for it.

“Imagine asking a stranger for directions and getting a lot of local expertise and hidden gems about the wild along the way – that’s what you can expect from this guidebook.” ~ Amy from DoSask

Here are a few reviews that just came out from Saskatchewan based bloggers, DoSask and Cruisin Christine with their thoughts. If you’d like to hear a bit more, I was interviewed on CBC Saskatchewan’s Morning Edition and they wrote this lovely post and made this incredible interactive map, from people’s suggestions of their favourite hot spots, as well. Global TV and 980 CJME also showcased the book recently.

Anyhow, I just wanted to formally share with you all that this is a huge accomplishment and I’m truly proud of the book we produced. Though 2018 was one tough year, the feeling of happiness and joy that comes from sharing the spots within this book, has been well worth it. I wish I could have highlighted even more, because Saskatchewan (I may be a teensy bit biased) has so many incredible places to discover. OH – and I will not apologize for the insane amount of birding information found throughout the book. Saskatchewan and Manitoba ARE true birding destinations.

I’d love to hear from any of you that have the chance to read it! Thanks as always for your ongoing support for my writing and photography (many of my images were used in the book). Also: A giant thank you to all who contributed information and photography! Lastly, thank you to Doug, who made working in partnership so easy, and Firefly who did a wonderful job producing this book.

It should be hitting store shelved across the country at this minute but if want to order it online, you can do so here.




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