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Show me your cool winter and I will show you mine CONTEST

If you are a regular subscriber to this blog you know just how much I love winter, ahem, have learned to embrace and love winter. Admittedly, it takes a bit of motivation to get off the couch and brave the cold. But once you bundle up and get out there, so much fun is waiting to be had.

And Sask peeps – there is a lot of winter fun to be found in our province! Here are a few ideas.

So I want to know – what does winter mean to you? How do you make it cool? Are you working up a sweat dancing at your local watering hole? Are you a ski bunny working the slopes? Maybe spicy food from your favourite restaurant warms you up (or some blackberry mead perhaps)? Making your way to a great festival? SPOT IT!

TripleSpot also loves winter and to celebrate they are running the Winter Weekend contest and I am partnering with them to run a mini-contest from my site and social media channels (sponsored by TripleSpot). So now you have two ways to win!

Tomorrow I am headed to B.C. for some fun winter exploration. I am going to be ‘spotting’ some cool winter spots using the TripleSpot app. I will show you my cool side of winter. Can I see yours?

How to enter the TripleSpot contest
First, download the app (available for iOS and Android devices). Then, start spotting. Entries are collected by sharing your favorite winter spot using the hashtag #brr in its description. You can submit as many spots as you want for this contest! Remember to create your spots before January 31.

My contest
All you have to do to enter the TravellinLady contest is to be sure to add the #ispywinter hashtag to the #brr hashtag in your Spot descriptions. It’s that easy.

What will you win?
From TripleSpot >> Free Hertz car rental & hotel stay at a Starwood property – 5 prizes to be awarded.

From me >> Just for adding the #ispywinter hashtag you will be entered to win a $100 gift card. The January 31 deadline remains the same. After January 31, I will do a draw and one lucky winner will be $100 richer.

*Please note that entering the TravellinLady contest does not improve/affect your odds of winning the TripleSpot Winter Contest. The winners will be chosen separately.

Image 2Image 3Full contest details and a link to download options for the app can be found here.

So what are you waiting for? Use TripleSpot’s cool app and show us how you embrace the cold with your winter hotspots!

*Disclosure: I am working with TripleSpot to promote their app and winter contest. I have been paid to do so but the opinions expressed on my blog and social media channels are my own.

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