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6 must have items women (apparently) need for a wilderness getaway

There is always something to be learned when travelling. A recent stint had me shacked up with 19 other ladies summer camp style (with a good dash of luxury!) for a fly-in fishing getaway called ‘Women in the Wilderness’.

This isn’t your average outing. The setting was Pine Island Resort on Black Bear Island, a remote destination in beautiful northern Saskatchewan. The getaway promised relaxation, the opportunity to connect with the environment and each other, loads of fishing, great food and regular bouts of laughter. Scratch laughter and insert multiple moments of hilarity. With a mix of women of all ages; mothers and daughters, friends, solo travelers – and generous amounts of liquor, good laughs were easy to come by.

I certainly also learned a thing or two about how other women ‘get by’ in the wilderness. Here are the top 6 items that would have never occurred to me to take this type of excursion with the exception of #2.

1. The ‘Red Neck’ wine glass
– Not only is it handy, it keeps the wine safe. Topped off and locked tight with a mason jar lid to protect every drop! That and the fact that it holds a heck of a lot of wine are the main reasons this item tops the list.


2. Copious amounts of boxed wine – Ok, not so unique at all but easier to transport than beer – they stack so neatly and take up less space. I know for a fact that boxed wine accompanied some boats out on all day fishing excursions (ahem, this may or may not have something to do with the chosen header photo). Smart, smart ladies. And of course, this item is paired perfectly with #1.


3. Adult sized onsie This item just makes sense when spending time outside – especially if you can get it in camo. It is perfect for keeping you warm at night and can better protects you from bugs. Look for ones that are outfitted with a trap door and *buttons. (*Important so I have been told to ensure nothing gets caught!).

IMG_63054. The ‘Whizzy’ Me: “How is she doing that?” Friend: “What? Peeing standing up? I heard she has a whizzy!” It was the first time I have ever seen such a device. All I can say is wow, followed by wow.

5. Cute bait – Personally, I really enjoyed shopping for tackle pre-trip. Why? Because some of those little bait traps are colourful, realistic and even cute (well to me at least). I picked up some sparkly red & black casting fish and some fancy lizard jigtails for catching pike and walleye. But my mind was so blown when our guide cast out his cute little mouse. Not only fun but adorable! It even squeaked.


6. Lemon squeezers – Now this is just ingenious. Why get your hands sticky and dirty when you don’t have to? This item came in super handy when we stopped for a fish fry shore lunch. Instant natural lemon flavour without the mess.


fish frying

Made all the better with a squeeze of lemon!

Join us next year!

Hopefully this list has given you some insight into how fun and inventive women can get on a wilderness excursion. If you are interested in joining us next year (I have already signed up) to see what an amazing time can be had by 20 women on a remote island, visit or contact Vickie Bricksaw at pineisla[email protected]

13 thoughts on “6 must have items women (apparently) need for a wilderness getaway
  1. I simply loved this article/list/post. I had a great laugh, and it made me wish I had been there. Maybe next year. I’m looking forward to seeing how this list gets even better….and I’m off to buy a whizzy…. Thank you for sharing!

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