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Help me choose an image!

I am trying to choose an image to enter in a Saskatchewan photo contest and need some help. I did try to set this up as a poll but it didn’t want to upload my images. Not helpful.

Image One

Image Two


Image Three


Image Four

Please comment with which one you like the best. Thanks!

22 thoughts on “Help me choose an image!
  1. Image I & 3 are the same. Personally I like no 1 ( and 3 ) because I love seascapes. The reflection of the clouds in the water is beautiful and the clarity is good. Plus, the ship in the distance adds perspective.
    So it’s number 1 for me. 🙂

  2. I vote for pic 1. The colours are more vibrant than the others and the horizon is straight, which is more pleasing. I did quite like the contrast of the train trucks against the sky, but when viewed full screen, the sky didn’t look as interesting as in pic 1. Hope this helps.

  3. Images 1, 3 and 4 are lovely. Where I live (in the Canadian Gulf Islands) I see landscape that’s very similar. In fact 3 and 4 could pass for have been taken where I live. My vote is for #2 because it’s not likely that there are other images like it.

  4. 1 or 4 for me. For whatever reason 1 really works but I also liked the way the dark trees (?) brought the eye into the photo.

    You could have done a poll without the pix, one of my blogpals does that, they just show the photos and then ask for votes (I think).

  5. I like the second photo with the train. I guess it is because of the range of color. Maybe it’s simply because I like trains. It is also different than the others and so I am more drawn to it. Good luck!

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